Building Product Information Register (BPIR): Juralco is ready for the new requirements

December 18, 2023 / news


On the 11th of December 2023, a significant milestone in the building industry was reached as new regulations came into effect, that reshaped the landscape for manufacturers, importers, and consumers alike. The new regulation is to support specifiers and buyers of many building products to make informed decisions through access to transparent, accurate, and consistent information. Juralco Aluminium Building Products Ltd (JABP) has taken proactive steps to comply with these regulations.

Understanding the regulations:

For a manufacturer like JABP, the newly implemented regulations mean a commitment to publishing key information about their products.

This includes how products comply with the Building Code and providing evidence for any claims made, all presented in an easily accessible format.

Responsibilities for Sellers:

For businesses selling certain JABP products that are currently Specifiable under the Building Act, there is a requirement to direct their customers to the Building Product Information Register (BPIR) sheets when this is requested. The sheets which are conveniently available on the Juralco website, serve as an invaluable resource for customers seeking detailed and accurate information about the products they are considering for their projects.

Products Affected:  

The regulations specifically target products falling under the building consent process.

Class 1 Products: Mass and batch-produced building products e.g. melamine board, particleboard, and engineered stone. (Juralco has identified no Class 1 Products in its range)

Class 2 Products: A line of products customised to the specification of an individual client, like custom-manufactured Balustrades, Louvre Roofs and Glaslide® Glass Sliding Panels

Architects, designers, and consumers do not have any new responsibilities with these new regulations.


Certain products are exempt from these regulations, such as those with CodeMark appraisal and modular components manufactured by a registered modular component manufacturer.

Click here for more information on exempt products.

Click here for more information on exempt products

Juralco Resources:  

Juralco is committed to providing resources to enable customers to make informed decisions. To fulfil this obligation, BPIR Information Sheets for all our applicable Class 2 products have been created. These sheets can be easily accessed on the Juralco website, offering comprehensive details on compliance, specifications, and other relevant information.

BPIR Information Sheets


As the building industry evolves with new regulations, Juralco embraces transparency and commitment to providing essential information. By complying with these regulations and offering accessible resources, Juralco ensures that specifiers, buyers, and sellers can navigate this new landscape with confidence.

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