Building Product Information Requirements (BPIR) are new regulations that come into effect on 11th December 2023.

While our products meet and exceed New Zealand building code requirements, BPIRs are here to help provide professionals and customers assurance that they meet those obligations.

Our Products are custom-made by Juralco.

Click on the relevant product below for its individual Building Product Information Requirements (BPIR).


Edge Balustrade BPIR


SunPivot Outdoor Living System BPIR


SunFold Outdoor Living System BPIR 


Viking Balustrade BPIR


Mini Post Balustrade BPIR


Matador Balustrade BPIR


Infinity Balustrade BPIR


PosiGlaze Balustrade BPIR


Double Disc Balustrade BPIR


Single Disc Balustrade BPIR


JH Clamp Balustrade BPIR


Homestead Balustrade BPIR


Contemporary Balustrade BPIR


C3 Commercial Balustrade BPIR


Glass Pool Gate BPIR


Handrails BPIR


Glaslide BPIR


Louvrelite Window Surround BPIR


Louvrelite Gable Sun Shade BPIR


Edge Canopy BPIR


Contemporary Fence, Gate & Pool BPIR


Juralco Internal Jointers