Be Prepared for Summer Bugs like this Waikato home

May 17, 2023 / project

Venette Pleated Window Insect Screen

Installing insect screens in your home before the summer season is a proactive approach to enjoying a bug-free environment. By planning and arranging the screens to be installed outside of the peak demand period, delays can be avoided and ensure your home is protected from flying insects throughout the entire period insects are a major source of frustration.

Aluminium Frame Sliding Insect Window Screen

As Juralco insect screens are custom-made to customer specifications (every home is different!), this means throughout the year there will be a lead time for the screens to be made accordingly. If the screens can be ordered and installed outside of the busy months of insect screen enquiry. This way will ensure being ahead of the ordering curve and the screens will be ready in advance allowing enjoyment of a comfortable, bug-free living space throughout the entire summer season.

Venette Pleated Window Insect Screen Retracted to Centre

A case study in the Waikato region exemplifies the benefits of early installation. A couple who had moved to a warmer climate area experienced an increase in bugs and flies compared to their previous home. They installed retractable pleated insect screens on their back door and a matching Venette™ pleated mesh screen on the kitchen servery window. These screens allowed fresh air to flow into the house while keeping bugs out. Additionally, to enable front-back airflow the customers opted for Clearguard® security door screens, which come with a built-in insect screen as standard, which addresses both security and insect control concerns.

By arranging the installation of insect screens before the peak demand period, these homeowners were able to enjoy a bug-free summer immediately. Their decision to future-proof and have the screens in place was vindicated, as they could keep their doors and windows open without worrying about insects entering their home.

Clearguard Security Door with Insect Screen